Maduravoyal Campus


The Schram Academy takes its roots from the divulgence into highly sophisticated learning structure. Here, every student is bound to bubble into frenzied zeal to taste what is learning, what it is to be the part of community where excellence is watchword. Today’s students are packs of power, ready to emit immense energy, provided they are exposed to various activities. TSA, is committed to develop child into a global entity, imbibed with strength to take the world in stride. 

We acknowledge the fact that modifying the cliched ideologies to succeed, survive and sustain is the prime focus of education in this century. Psychological deterioration widely observed among the new generation is an alarming sound, proclaiming degeneration of the humanity. If we do not wake up and rise to the occasion, we lead our world to the utter darkness where we stand devilishly accused of throwing indifference to deadly changes while we lived. And change has to begin with new generation. Our students who will flourish as the strength of the family, society, nation and ultimately the world. 

Strategically, we believe in dynamism. TSA is a dynamic institution. Every new change defies but succumbs to failure because we have the structure that allows our students to scale every possible height, to stand tall making everything else look miniature of the thing. It sounds like hyperbolic statement, but it stands like what it is. 

TSA has a wide range of activities which helps students nurture their natural capabilities which further takes into account the inclination they exhibit. Physical strength, mental capacities, performing arts, instrumental knowledge, social adjustment, academic excellence, etiquette and mannerism, sophistication of thought process, reduction of vulnerabilities, and enhancement of learner’s attributes are some of the goals for every child who enters the Schram Academy. TSA oozes with exuberance, throws ambiance of excitement, takes delight into pleasure of learning characterised with engagement and involvement of students in what they begin to acquire.

In a nutshell, The Schram Academy has dynamic spirit for changing everything around, the spirit of hard work and success!