Kaushik of X-A is the Head Boy for the second consecutive year, showcasing his natural leadership qualities that inspire and motivate others. He is exceptionally talented, intelligent, and inquisitive. His exceptional mathematical skills allow him to effortlessly solve intricate problems with creativity. Additionally, he enjoys playing badminton and keyboard, highlighting his artistic talents and impressive teamwork skills. He aspires to be a rocket scientist!


Janvi, of Class X-B, is the Head Girl and an exceptional academic achiever, particularly excelling in science and languages. She is known for her sincerity, responsibility, and dedication to her studies, consistently completing assignments promptly and creatively. Janvi is both curious and confident, readily expresses her opinions and viewpoints. She possess excellent public speaking and debating skills, consistently presenting her arguments with clarity and logical reasoning. She wishes to pursue UPSC!


The Assistant Head Boy, Bhavesh Rajkumar of Class IX-B, is a commendable leader who guides and extends support to his peers. He is an athlete and an all rounder in cricket.
Furthermore, Bhavesh excels in mathematics, consistently finding optimal solutions to various problems. He aspires to join the military!


of IX-A the Assistant Head Girl, is a talented and artistic individual who excels in drawing, painting, and designing beautiful things. She is proficient in playing keyboard and excels in badminton. Additionally, she is a skilled linguist, fluent in multiple languages, enabling effective communication with others. Moreover, she possess a great sense of humour and can easily make anyone laugh. She aspires to be an architect!


Tarana is the Sports Secretary who is a talented girl from class X-C. She excels in athletics, calligraphy, and dance. She is known fo rher infectious smile and ability to motivate others. Her role models are her mother and her beloved Principal, who inspired her with their excellent management skills. According to Tarana, a good leader is someone who can voice her opinions and promote equality. Her dream is to become an architect!


Maanyah Biju, from Class IX-B, is the Assistant Sports Secretary. She loves sports, especially athletics and basketball. She is also talented in painting landscapes. Maanyah has a deep interest in the military and respects its values and principles. Her dream is to join the military and serve the nation!


The Cultural Secretary of Class X-A, is a voracious reader with a deep love for books of all genres and themes. She possess exceptional writing skills, crafting, engaging and compelling narratives. Anika’s confident and persuasive public speaking and debating skills make her standout. Her organized and enthusiastic nature drives her involvement in various activities. With her remarkable presence, Anika consistently stands out from the crowd. she aspires to be a lawyer!


The Assistant Cultural Secretary of Class IX-A, is a talented artist who brings vibrancy to her creations. Her leadership skills inspires her peers and she takes responsibility for ensuring that everyone’s opinion are voiced and valued. With her artistic skills to create beautiful artwork, Soundarya isa true asset to the cultural committee. She wishes to be a doctor!


Hasini, the Captain of Rembrandt House in Class X-B, is a passionate and dedicated individual who takes her role as a councilmember seriously. With unwavering commitment, she puts forth her best effort in fulfilling her responsibilities. Supported by her friends and family, Hasini has developed a strong belief in herself and her abilities. Her friendly and helpful nature brightens up any room she enters, making her a valuable asset to the team. She desires to become a doctor!


Nethravathi of IX-B, the Vice Captain of Rembrandt House, is a multi-talented individual with a passion for art and basketball. She excels in various artistic pursuits, such as drawing and painting, while also dedicating herself to regular basketball practice. Nethravathi’s leadership skills shine through as she motivates and encourages her teammates to perform at their best. With her diverse skill and positive attitude, Nethravathi is a valuable asset to the Rembrandt House. She aspires to become a fashion designer!


Aayush of X-A, the Captain of Einstein House is a talented individual with a range of skills and interests. He is a skilled pencil artist, known for creating realistic and detailed sketches. Aayush is also a gamer, showcasing strategy and skill in various games. Additionally, Aayush is athletically inclined, excelling in football and badminton. He has a keen interest in physics, demonstrating his curiosity and passion for the subject. Aayush’s diverse talents make him a valuable member of the Einstein House team. He desires to become an entrepreneur!


Jiteshwar is the Vice-Captain of Einstein House is in class IX-A. He is a talented artist who has the ability to express his ideas and emotions through his artwork. Alongside his artistic skills, Jiteshwar also enjoys playing cricket and is known for being helpful and cooperative with his teammates. He is highly motivated and works diligently to achieve his goals. Jiteshwar has a positive outlook on life, which adds to his overall demeanor and makes him a valuable member of the Einstein House team. He aspires to pursue IAS!


Saisanth, the Ramanujam House Captain of class X-B, is an army enthusiast who admires the discipline and courage of the soldiers. He is also a good leader who can lead by example and takes charge of any situation. He enjoys playing cricket and he is very friendly and sociable. He also enjoys cooking. His dream is to join military and serve the nation!


Kavya is the Vice-Captain of Ramanujam House from class IX B. She is a talented guitarist who can effortlessly rock to any tune and create her own melodies. In addition to her musical skills, Kavya is an athlete who also loves playing basketball and prioritizes her fitness. She possess a strong sense of rhythm and coordination, allowing her to handle any challenge with confidence and skill. she desires to pursue graphic designing!


Robin is the Captain of Davinci House from class X-B. He is a reliable and trust-worthy individual who excels in sports, particularly football and cricket. Robin’s versatility allows him to perform well in any position on the field. As a leader, he displays excellent organizational and directing skills, treating others with respect and efficiency. His loyal and supportive nature makes him a valuable asset to Davinci House. He wants to become an entrepreneur!


Sai of class IX-B is the Vice-Captain of Davinci House is a talented actor who can effortlessly portray any character and emotion with authenticity and charisma. Sai Dyanesh also excels in public speaking, captivating audience with his eloquence and humour. His strong personality and positive attitude makes him a valuable member of Davinci House. He aspires to be a game designer!